Welcome to the website of APTS.

APTS is an independent, internationally operating agency with specializations in the following areas:

  • drawing up protocols for test loads
  • failure tests, eligibility and verification tests on both lost test piles as well as production piles on site
  • static, dynamic and statnamic test loads for all types of piles.
  • instrumented pile tests
  • supervision at test loads
  • analysis and reporting of test results
  • execution control, including evaluation of the relevant implementation parameters

APTS, All Piles Testing Services

News & Projects

Our new website is about to launch!

Soon we will present our new website to you. Another milestone within our organization. Because time and development never sleep our new website will be right up to the latest standards and suitable for all media...
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BMNED / GSNED and AnkerPaalTestServices form an alliance

APTS was founded in September 2010 by IFCO and Acecon and acted until January 2012 under the name AnkerPaalTestServices (Anchor Pile Testing Services). In January 2012 an partnership with BMNED / GSNED was established. For both BMNED / GSNED as wel as for AnkerPaalTestServices this meant an expansion of services. The joint venture was renamed to All Piles Testing Services. Nowadays this joint venture carries out all kinds of tests on foundation piles and anchors using failure tests, eligibility and verification tests, both static as well as dynamic and statnamic....
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Expansion railway bridge in Southern Brussels

Two instrumented succumb tests (pressure) of 280 and 340 tons of standard concrete mortar screw piles Ø600....
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Renovation Museum of Fine Arts 'De Fundatie' in Zwolle

4 control tests (tensile) of 40 tons screw injection piles Ø300....
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Newly built NATO headquarters in Brussel

74 control tests (pressure) ranging from 150 tons to 700 tons of standard concrete mortar screw piles ranging from Ø400 to Ø1200....
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